2018’s Trip Awards!

2018 was an incredible year of travel. We got to explore bucket list destinations, islands closer to home, traveled with some new friends, and got to experience new parts of the world. With 2019 just around the corner, I wanted to give some shoutouts to places that deserve it- so here are some awards for our 2018 destinations!

Best Food Destination

– Argentina


Hands down, the best food we had all year. The steaks, potatoes, and even the butter! Everything was so fresh and we loved every single meal. When you say, “wow that was good!” after each meal- it deserves to be talked about!

Most Surprising Destination

– Puerto Rico


When I thought of Puerto Rico, I thought of basically another version of Miami. I thought with the devastation of the hurricanes, maybe it was a little too early to visit. Boy, was I wrong! Puerto Rico was the most surprising destination for me of 2018. The hotel we stayed at was one of the small luxury boutique hotel winners of the world (Olive Boutique) which made our experience even better. I adored wandering around Old San Juan and seeing all the colors and charm. We spent a day exploring the rainforest too and had SO much fun sliding down rocks and exploring a jungle we hadn’t been to before. Cheers to Puerto Rico!

Best Kept Secret Destination

– The Azores


On our trip to Portugal, we ventured out to Sao Miguel Island, and it was so untouched. It is definitely gaining more and more popularity (for good reason). But I love that when I talk about the Azores to most people, they say- “where is that?” Go now before it gets touristy and crowded in years to come! The waterfalls, hot springs, GORGEOUS lakes, and the sweetest people can’t be ignored.

Most Disappointing Destination

– Cuba

Havana, Cuba, how to get there, cuba travel, visit havana


This isn’t a popular opinion, as many people loved visiting Cuba. In my honest opinion, I didn’t love it. I loved the classic cars driving all around and the $3 FABULOUS mojitos- but those were my favorite experiences of the trip. I thought it was sad hearing the stories of the locals we spoke to and the way they have to live. I thought the colorful buildings were beautiful but then around the corner are peoples dilapidated homes. I personally was humbled being there and saw more than just cars and cute pictures. Culturally, it was very interesting and I think it is worth going to experience it for yourself to make your own opinions! 🙂

Best Landscapes Destination

– Chile


Between the “Mars like” Atacama Desert and the southern tip in Patagonia- Chile is unlike any other landscapes we’ve experienced! Glaciers, deserts, volcanoes, lakes, hot springs- Chile has it all. Blog post still to come on our Chile/Argentina trip soon!

Most Likely To Return Destination

– Maine


Another great trip and even better memory this year, was going on a girls trip to Maine with my mom and sister. We ate blueberry everything and hiked beautiful trails and I’ll never forget it. Not only do I want to return for the food and because its easy to travel in the United States, but because I want to take my husband there one day!

Best Beach Destination

– Turks & Caicos


We went to many beautiful beaches and islands this year, and Turks & Caicos beats them all by a long shot. I almost even gave Turks & Caicos best food because the food was INCREDIBLE! Grace Bay Beach is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The amount of water activities to do here are endless, the snorkeling and lagoons stood out from anywhere else, and overall Turks & Caicos was just island goals.

Favorite Destination of 2018

– Just Kidding, I could never answer that 🙂 But I will say this…

In 2018, we rode in an old classic car in Cuba. We dove in centotes in Mexico, and explored through castles in Portugal. We went snorkeling in Turks & Caicos, went rock sliding in Puerto Rico, and ate lobster in Maine. We swam with turtles in St Thomas, and rode horseback through wineries in Argentina. We hiked through glaciers and lakes in Patagonia, and with each and every experience I am forever grateful to do it next to my husband. I don’t have a favorite destination, but this was definitely my favorite year. 🙂


Here is to 2019! May it be filled with stepping outside of our comfort zones and more adventure. Happy exploring!



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