Iceland Adventure: Why Iceland Is a MUST!

We’ve seen it all over Pinterest; the black sand beaches, the hot springs, massive volcanoes and glaciers, Iceland is basically another planet! I am passionate about the fact that Iceland, in my opinion, is one of the most unique countries in the world. So why must you go? 

  1. Compared to many other countries, flying to Iceland is very affordable! We flew Iceland air into Reykjavik. 
  2. Reykjavik a city that is way cooler than I thought it would be. From the street art, to the shopping, fantastic hot dogs, and charming whiskey bars- Reykjavik is a place I would totally live! The famous church downtown is definitely worth a visit to the top for an amazing view of the city. You must try the lobster too, it’s so sweet it tastes like candy! 

Iceland0003Angela Winsor PhotographyAngela Winsor PhotographyAngela Winsor Photography

Photos by my lovely sister and incredible photographer: Angela Winsor Photography 

2. Hot Springs- They are everywhere. You’ll be driving around Iceland and you’ll see little holes of water with steam coming from them. That’s when you know its a hot spring! Our favorite was surprisingly the famous Blue Lagoon. We heard mixed things about the Blue Lagoon prior to coming. We heard it was overly crowded, and the lines were long etc. But in our experience, this place isn’t just a hot spring. It’s a spa and a quiet retreat if you plan it right! I recommend going EARLY before it gets flooded with tourists. We went right when they opened, and almost had the place to ourselves. Book your tickets early here, as they only allow a certain amount of people in at each time. Included in your ticket price are towels, slippers, and a silica mud mask. 

Angela Winsor PhotographyAngela Winsor Photography

3. Waterfalls- they are everywhere! Hundreds of them! Some of the super popular ones are all within an hour drive from each other, and they are easy to find too. We were lucky that we had a rare perfectly sunny day when we were there! 

Angela Winsor PhotographyAngela Winsor PhotographyIceland0056Angela Winsor Photography

4. The Drives- One of the best parts about Iceland is just driving, honestly! Everywhere you look there is something worth snapping a photo of. Wild horses, fields and fields of flowers, and so much green! 

Angela Winsor PhotographyIceland0010

4. Black Sand beaches You MUST go to Vik, the famous town of the black sand beach. The city of Vik is very small, with an adorable little church at the top of a hill. This is also the place where puffin can be spotted.

iceland, itinerary, 5 days, black sand beach, VikAngela Winsor PhotographyAngela Winsor Photography

5. The airbnb’s– There are so many great airbnb options in Iceland. We love airbnb because it adds to the cultural experience of staying in a locals home! We stayed in a farmhouse with a huge piece of land! It was about an hour away from Vik and came with a hottub, and an amazing view!

Angela Winsor PhotographyIceland0038Angela Winsor Photography

5. The Glacier Lagoon- A decent drive from Vik, but well worth seeing. When we made it to the lagoon, we boarded a boat that took you through the glaciers. Dress warm! It got significantly colder as we got closer to the glacier (Duh, Abby). This place made all of my Elsa dreams come true. The cold never bothered me anyway… 🙂


6. The Canyon- This canyon was a little difficult for us to find for some reason. Maybe it was because we can’t read Icelandic?! Our car actually broke down on the way too, but that’s a different story. This place was one of my favorites and so beautiful! Depending on the water flow, you can hike at the bottom of it.

Angela Winsor PhotographyAngela Winsor Photography

7. The Golden Circle- If you’re only in Iceland for a quick stopover, this is a good way to see a quick glimpse of Icelands beauty. The golden circle is a drive you make that takes you to three must see’s outside of Reykjavik. Gulfoss waterfall, a geyser, and the national park are the main stops to see.

Angela Winsor PhotographyAngela Winsor PhotographyIceland0075

Be convinced that Iceland is one of the most diverse and beautiful countries in the world! Hot springs, waterfalls, beaches, glaciers, volcanoes, all in one perfect little country.

If you have any more questions about Iceland, tips or money saving questions, feel free to email me! 🙂



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  1. thanks for sharing this post! I really loved your pictures it’s amazing. I will visit in this summer, Trip Guide Iceland.


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